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Rubber Room
The alchemy of theatrical props

We can make just about anything in rubber molds, be they simple or highly complicated. With thousands of molds in stock, we might just have exactly what you need today.

This is a way to make the illusion a reality. This trash can is an exact copy of our own, beaten-up veteran just outside our door.

From office furniture, to guns, to knives and grenades. We can make them. And, with the most extensive collection of action molds, we can get it to you quicker and at the best price.


Our Uzi's, Mac 10s, Glocks, grenades, and rocket launchers have caused more 'mayhem' in TV and movies than you can imagine.

This 3 inch chain has such a hard, heavy look that you would have a tough time lifting the real thing. Yet, this prop is so light, even the weakest of our stars can 'strut his stuff' and look the part.


Guns, guns, guns.

We work in a large scale whenever necessary. These are a challenge, but we cast many items in pieces, then carefully assemble into unbelievable objects. This ladder was used in an exciting fight scene, bent back into shape for several takes, and kept by the studio for future film use.

This "message in the bottle' embodied a very close-up scare for a well known movie. Similar to a synthetic 'death mask', it was then expanded to fill the formaldehyde jar.

We can fabricate most antique originals into hard or soft reproductions, depending on the client's needs and requirements.


All designs copyrighted. No reproduction without written permission of Action Props, Inc.