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The Leader in Fake Razor and Barbed Wire, Breakaways, and Rubber Glass


Manufacture, Sales and Rentals to the Film and Television Industry Since 1985. Call us:  Peter Geyer    Action Props - (818) 768-0070     Cell Phone (818) 304-4035 




Buy or rent our razor wire.

It's so realistic, 'it's dangerous' !

  • Our model and breakaway departments love a challenge. Peter Geyer, member of Local 44 Union, has the skill and experience to personally take your project from idea to concept, image, design, and construction.
  • Sure, you can still get our in-stock breakaways (chairs, stools, tables) at the lowest prices in town. But, if your'e looking for unique, realistic props, we can handle any job.
  • This cake was crafted for a Sandra Bullock sequence where Peter had to be inside with her, to operate the prop. We work on stage whenever and wherever necessary.
  • No job is too small.... and we love the tough ones! Some of the best people come to us for lighting props. It's a real trick to get these right.
  • We do all forms of contemporary, sci-fi, and period fixtures, chain, poles and more.You can even find cave-man torches!

Visit our various departments for what you need in all types of set decoration and property.