Breakaway Balsa Furniture
Creating balsa furniture breakaways, from a simple stool to a six foot round banquet table, is an exacting, artful craft. It requires the skill of a master carpenter combined with the showmanship of a 'smoke and mirrors' magician.
We stock a selection of breakaway chairs, stools, and tables at the best prices in town, with speed and accuracy. If you have special design needs, we can produce anything from 6 ft. diameter banquet tables to full sized pianos.

Ladderback Chair
One of the most popular designs we sell. Always in stock.


Bar Stools
These bar stools are made in the traditional style and make for a great shot when breaking


6 ft. Round Banquet Table
These sturdy breakaways can be made in both simple or more elaborate designs. 

No Price

Library Chair
A simple style for scenes in schools, restaurants, and institutional settings.


coffee tables
Depending on the the intricacy and style of these tables, we can make them up in a day or two.


Simple table
Remember that balsa has become one of the most expensive hardwoods. These economical tables are a great buy, for any stunt!


Bedroom Furniture
We match real furniture, be it from any design period, for any use, anything you need.

No Price

WPA Table
Many types of period tables, such as this WPA table, can be easily converted into a coffee table.

No Price

On-site repair kit. Includes glue, gun and spare wood pieces.


Folding Chairs
Wow! It's here!! Finally a B/A Chair that can be taken from our studio and used on set in the folded or opened position. This is an amazing new addition to our product line. And the price is to good to pass by.


Balsa Acoustic Guitars
Beautiful craftsmanship. Guitars come unpainted


Masonry Breakaways
From large to small masonry breakaways....

No Price

Masonry Red Brick
These breakaways are light weight gypsum colored to simulate red brick.

No Price

straight back chair


Pool Cues


Baseball Bats


All designs copyrighted. No reproduction without written permission of Action Props, Inc.